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About me

I am an engineer by education. I spent thirty-eight years as an engineer and engineering manager.  Yes, a nerdy engineer. But this education taught me a few things about jewelry.

Obviously, the educational background helped me in understanding metal fabrication. I understood how to shape metal, how heat changes it and how a hammer can move it. All the nerdy stuff.  Give me something to calculate and I am happy.

But having a career where ninety five percent of my co-workers were male, I also thought it was important to still be feminine in all the nerdiness.  I wanted to emphasize that I could be feminine and logical at the same time. Part of that was wearing jewelry.

I didn’t want just any jewelry. I wanted something different; something that no one else had; something to show that I was a unique individual. And I didn’t want it to overwhelm. I wanted it to compliment me. I wanted people to see me as a confident, unique woman with intriguing jewelry.

Always being creative, I took a metal smithing class several years ago. I was fascinated. But with limited classes available, I began to rely on books, videos and good old trial and error.

My jewelry is somewhat minimalist. It doesn’t shout at you. I like to keep it simple. But the designs use texture and depth to add some complexity and uniqueness.

So what has making jewelry taught me? Patience.  You can’t rush through making a piece.  I have several “rushed” pieces in the recycle pile. Good craftsmanship and quality takes time.  And with that, the piece should be treasured for a long time.

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